Coaching the Person . . .  Inside the Player





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Perhaps you’re here because you’ve hit some kind of wall in your game. Call it a slump, a bit of a funk, or a streak of “bad luck”. Whatever the label, you know somethings not right.

Do you feel the pressure to play perfect every time you step on the field? That there is no margin for error on every pitch and anything less than perfect is unacceptable?

Do you perform great during practice, but can’t “flip the switch” come game time, or during “crunch time” when the game is on the line?

Maybe you’ve thought, “I’ll work these problems out in the gym, on the mound, in the cages, or on the field. To get my confidence where it needs to be, I just need more reps.”

Nobody’s going to out work you.  So you put in the extra work, take more swings in the cage… or dissect your mechanics… or analyze more video on yourself… or pay for more private lessons to try and fix what’s wrong. And with all that, you may find yourself more in your head and pressing even more!

And round and round it goes …



the issue(s) you thought was going on wasn’t at the root or core of what’s REALLY going on?  And “working harder” on the field wasn’t the only answer?

I “get” that you know how to play the game!

But for some reason, there’s a barrier that stops you from being the best player you know you can be… and want to be.



All you needed was a different approach? A different mindset?

How liberating would it feel to play your game with complete confidence, free from doubting yourself and your ability. No more looking over your shoulder wondering if the coach will bench you. Certain that you can’t let anyone down?   Sit with that for a moment and really take that in!

It’s not always a physical issue that needs to be addressed. Many times that barrier between you and success is the unproductive, negative thoughts rattling around in your head. It’s the person that gets in the way of the player! That’s why I work with the person… inside the player.

My goal for you: To help you “get out of your own way”, clear the unproductive chatter in your head and help you perform the way you know how, so you become the best person (and player) you can be!

Coach Kloser’s Mental Game Training will help you  . . .

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