The “sixth tool”  – a strong mental game –  is a huge difference maker, of which I am sure you are aware.

I am a firm believer that the body follows the mind.  So in order to perform well physically, the mind needs to be even more prepared.

As a Mental Game coach, I work with the person inside the player, because the person and the mindset you bring to the field will ultimately determine the type of performance you’ll have.

I am here to help you discover and become the player you always wanted to be!


Below are details options for how I work.


Program details include:

1. Coach/Athlete Agreement: A signed agreement from me, (as coach), to you (as Athlete), is to commit and give 100% of my efforts to the mental game process and to athlete’s process. In return, athlete signs and agrees to commit and give 100% of athlete’s efforts to this Mental Game process and to athlete’s own process.

2. One AMAP Assessment: (Athlete Mental Aptitude Profile). This is a written detailed questionnaire to help assess where athlete is in the process of athlete’s mental game. It is to be completed by the athlete and emailed back to me for review 24 hours prior to our first meeting.

3. One AMAP Summary: Once I receive athlete’s completed AMAP, I will review it and pinpoint mental skills to target for areas growth and improvement. If you wish to include any other issues around athlete’s mental game that are not on the AMAP, please email me in a separate email.

4. One Customized Mental Game Plan: From athlete’s AMAP and athlete’s summary, I will customize a personal mental game plan for athlete.

5. * Pre-Scheduled Mental Game Sessions: Meetings are pre-scheduled for consistency and accountability. I am flexible, as long as we communicate, and realize things come up! 24-hour notice is required on cancellations or rescheduling Sessions include homework, tips, strategy and a session summary emailed.  * If doing a multi-session package.

6. Confidentiality Agreement: What is said in sessions between coach and athlete remain confidential. I will only share details of a session if I feel the athlete is intending to harm themself, others or property.

7. Session Location: Sessions are held at my home-office (in York, PA), phone, Skype, FaceTime (if previously discussed) or on location.  Additional fees apply to travel to location.


Program Package Options:

I offer sessions by the package (all sessions are one hour):

1. One, 1-hour session

2. Five, 1-hour sessions

3. Ten, 1-hour sessions


If you feel this is the right fit for you and I can help you with your mental game, I am prepared and look forward to the opportunity to embark on this journey with you!

Thank you!